Singapore - a totally biased exploration
While being geographically very close to Malaysia, and actually there was a time when Singapore was part of Malaysia, it cannot be more different. The following provides a totally biased view on Singapore - biased because I only visited the Marina Bay area and Orchard. This area is very similar to Dubai with its high-rise buildings and unlimited amount of hotels.
My favorite one. I took it at the waterfront close to the music area. The whole sky is glowing from different colors and lights and the water provides crazy reflections. 
Singapore has so much to offer to photographers and many took the chance to indulge themselves. In the background you can see the lights of the Marina Bay Sands hotel.
Given the gorgeous location, the waterfront was full with other photographers with tripods etc that tried to capture the stunning view. Actually I have to admit that it was a bit too much for me - virtually everybody there had a camera... and I was no better...
Several photographers even brought it to the next level by having wedding pictures and other staged shots in front of the skyline. Here I hijacked a flash of a fellow photographer - right when he lit up the scene I shot first ;-) 
The Marine Bay Sands laser show. A must see every evening at 7pm, 9.30pm, and 11pm. The show is probably about 20 minutes long and involves a hot of light, some fire, and music. 
Orchard Road. If you want to do some luxurious shopping you come here. But beware! It is really packed! 
Orchard Road. Taking a break from the crowd. 
And some more Orchard Road - it is really a shopping paradise.
The Marina Bay Sands hotel in front and the Singapore Flyer in the back. The Marina Bay Sands hotel features a huge observation deck on top of the three pillars - the left most part of the deck.  
Taken from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck. All the ships that you can see in the background already indicate that Singapore does a lot of trading. 
Taken from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck. On the left you can see the Singapore Flyer and Singapore's race track. I do not even want to know how expensive access to the deck is when there is a racing event.
Taken from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck. The kiddo is taking the family picture. This was quite funny to watch because daddy was giving remote instructions and the small one had a hard time. 
The waterfront skyline. Singapore has a lot of high-rise buildings. When you walk through the streets between the buildings it feels a lot like New York.
Take that: a soccer field on the water - there is nothing more to say.
The Louis Vuitton shop in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Very fancy shop located in the water. You have to walk a small bridge to get there. 
Parts of the waterfront. People, as in tourists, hang out here a lot. 
You will find those a lot: guys that sell drinks on the street. And while Singapore is prohibitively expensive (paid $140 for brunch) the prices are quite reasonable.
More of the skyline at night. 
More of the skyline at night.
This is just amazing: On the esplanade there was a music venue and right in the background was the gorgeous skyline.