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    A study abroad project that incorporates Interactive design, interior design, and graphic design.
A wonderland for girls with whimsical elegance
While studying abroad in Milan, I worked on a collaborative project with Amanda Ricci and Laura Kelly (both graphic designers) where we took an iconic Italian brand, MaxMara, and developed a new brand within it. When designing the new brand, we also designed an interior layout for a store, and interactive device for the store, and a magazine to showcase the new brand. 

What MissMara is about is a brand that designed for the curious and adventurous girl who bright and energetic. To create the feeling of a wonderland, the scale of the grass that covers the store is at the eye height of a 10 year old girl. Utilizing the sensation of brushing your hand through tall grass, we were able to use that as a selection process. Scroll left, scroll right, zoom in, zoom out, and grasp to select; the grass acts like a joystick as you scroll through various clothing options via a holographic projection.
The conceptual model shows the visualization of the tall grass development and storyboard of its interaction.
Creating an open circuit connected to an LED helps to visualize the possibility of the motion being able to transmit information. As the housing is bent, contact is made between the negative and positive and turns the LED on.
Developed floor plans, section views, and a disassemble-able model