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    Package design for a Australian sunglass collection.
Aussie invasion continues. I'v created a packagedesign for a fixtive Australian fashion brand called STU, with a focus on their sunglass collection. 

The idea is to have simple and colorful sunglasses, with an eclectic mix of styles. The collection is inspired by pop comics, steampunk and vintage, creating a contrast, but consistent and original look. Each sunglasses model is a "piece" in its own right, with subtle branding, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and originality.

Because the sunglasses are so colorful, I've created a logo and a package design in contrast to that. With simple lines and a logo that i easy recognisable. STU is composed of the names of the designers. Shane, Tristan and Uby. All the sunglasses in the collection has a known Australian names.