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    Book cover and illustrations
One flew over the Cuckoo's nest.

Penguin brief.
The brief was to create a front cover for the book "One flew over the Cuckoo's nest" and inside illustrations for chapter dividers. The book is set in an insane asylum in the 60's, it follows the lives of the inmates and the cruelty they are subjected to. A tyrannical Nurse Ratched own the wards and tortures the inmates with therapies in order to control them. The cover represents a character in the book, who is the anti hero, McMurphy, a main characters, who opposes the villain Ratched. The imagery is of his eye being wired and beginning to glaze over, this is symbolism for him being a fully functioning, sane human being at the beginning of the novel, to a vegetable by the end, due to the lobotomy procedures he endures. It resembles that of an X-ray and has medical/clinical values.

The five illustrations are also of McMurphy, they are the objects that represent him. His shoes (like horseshoes, its described that when he walks he sounds bigger than he is), his hair (red), mouth (devilish grin), hands (callused like maps of his travels), and cigarettes (they are taken away from him, like cookies took from a child).