Leo Burnett, London
Spacelab were appointed by Leo Burnett to analyse and review how they accommodated and utilised their workspace, with the added brief to then provide a masterplan and strategy to help them use the space more effectively and encourage communication across disciplines within the agency.

Following a 6 month period of on site observation, occupancy analysis, interaction analysis and spatial mapping of integration levels, Spacelab presented a masterplan for the building that recognised the need to breakdown historical hierarchies. Less 'formal' planning, a mix of 'different spaces in different places' that encourages staff to move around the agency and a new central staircase to facilitate internal circulation between floors, all combine to provide a new type of working environment that has been proven to increase interaction between staff.

Designed to highlight and complement the existing building fabric of steel structure, exposed brickwork and timber floors, all new insertions to the space have been formed of raw materials with frameless glazed detailing minimally detailed to conceal all junctions and abutments to the existing space.
Leo Burnett