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    Jon Arne Berg, JAB, illustration for argument student paper.
'argument' illustrations
I will update this post for each new illustration I do for the 'argument' student paper.
This illustration was made for an article on how a protein almost killed the entire population of a tribe at Papua New Guinea, beacause of cannibalism. The disease had the same symptoms as mad cow disease and was only infecting the women and children of the tribe.

The tribe had a tradition of honoring their dead by eating them, and the women and children were by tradition the only ones eating the brain, where the so-called killer protein was found.
Two illustrations for an article with a critical view on alternative medicine/treatment.

Only the second illustration will be used. It combines two elements from the text: frenology (the study of the shape and protuberances of the skull, based on the nowdiscredited belief that they reveal character and mental capacity) and Hamlet (the article starts of with the part where Hamlet's father shows himself as a ghost to tell his son he's been murdered).