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    HTML email design and build, also deployment strategy
HTML mailer design & build and also deployment strategy
Freelance pitch, win, design & build, along with consultation on best practice for deployment
Three HTML  email designs submitted to client (sticking within Coram's style guide) for a legal
advice service. The chosen design is the first in the sequence.

Designing the layout, processing images, and generating the custom QR code was the first part of
the project. Then, building it in old-school HTML 4, and testing for the major player mail clients
came next, achieving this using emailonacid.com's rendering simulator tool.

Upon hearing that the clients' strategy for deployment was to send the mailer out by forwarding
it from their own inbox (ouch!), I offered to consult on best practice for deployment and put the
client in touch with bulkmail service provider - dotmailer.com.

In the end, the practice (the same for any proper bulkmail provider) of harvesting addresses from

opt-in lists/permission pre-mailers became an issue ... nevertheless, the client learned a lot about
how to (not) run an email campaign and was happy.