A brand new experience, a band new style
PRIM is an all in one leash which ensures a safe, easy and clean experience.

PRIM leash has a built in emergency locking system which works like a safety seat belt in a car. When your dog has a sudden movement at any point of time during the walk, the mechanism would autometically lock by itself so that you will never need to worry about having a hard time controlling your dog on walks anymore.
PRIM leash has also a built in poop bag dispenser so you will not have to carry an extra bag for the walks.
PRIM leash lastly has a built in harness which was inspired by “Chaco Sandals”, therefore the strap forms into the harness  and when taken off your dog, it retracts into the case. Your dog will thus never have to wear an uncomforatable harness wherever it goes ever again.