Yum Pastries
As a project we were asked to create a company name, what they did and how they did it. All of this with just understanding the fundamentals of hierarchy. Yum Pastries came to mind as i always thought about food in class and my reaction to eating sweets was always, "yum". Pretty much it all just came together, the coated and eaten m, the "pastries" to essencially underline the m and the sprinkles on the side. The back of the bag is where i had to take a step back. When looking at a bag it is easy to have the same images on both sides, however i wanted to change it up for various reasons. One being that When the bag is to be handed off by the cashier the yum is in front and as the customer walks out of the store he or she is seen with a different design. The back is very subtle and has the yum logo in the same font as pastries just to tie it together by showing what the store itself has to offer. Enjoy!