Examples of Turned Wood items
In my woodturning, I strive to let the wood lead me – its colour, grain and the shape and size of the material - and allow a form to emerge. The choice of colours and grains for inserts also takes some consideration. Whilst I do make some pieces that are intended to be purely decorative, the majority of my work is intended to be used.
Platter fashioned in Maple with Abalone and Paduk insert.
Set of Mushrooms fashioned from a Hawthorn branch and set on a Pine root base
Clock fashioned from a Maple burl, with prime hour locations in Paduk.
Decorative item fashioned from a Juniper branch
Bowl fashioned from freshly-felled Plumb tree trunk
Bowl fashioned from a billet of  Birch wood
Pendants fashioned from a variety of woods
Examples of Mushrooms and Toadstools in various woods