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    Watercolour and pencil progress sketches of Hollyhock Sanctuary constructed of cob, stack wall and a living roof.
Hollyhock Sanctuary
In 1995 I joined a work / study program at renowned Hollyhock Conference / Retreat Centre on Cortes Island in that unique inland sea between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, Canada. The retreat was called "Chop Wood, Carry Water" after the book by writer / activist and philosopher Rex Weyler. The two week retreat involved meditation, yoga and other spiritual pursuits such as the special awareness engendered by physical work. We built fences, weeded gardens and helped dig out and begin installation of the Sanctuary foundation. I became fascinated by the Sanctuary project and it's variety of non-conventional building techniques and materials -- sourced from the immediate area for the most part -- poles and stone from the beach, split wood for stack wall, and straw for cob construction.  I began following building progress with watercolour sketches.  This is the series of images that resulted, including several images of the completed building.  The Sanctuary is now a central part of the Hollyhock facility providing an earth centric space for meditation and healing arts.