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    Market Place design
Market Place
School Project: Fall 2010
My Design concept emphasizes movement and the transition from inside to outsidespaces. I created winding walls that slope from low to high out of thickcream-colored museum board. The sloping of walls makes a person feel as thoughthey are moving up and down without including a ramp or significant change to the ground plane. From here I cut out pieces from the walls to create talldoors and protected roof areas. I added in horizontal pieces to these cut outareas to create partial roofs, which follow the circulation and slope of the walls, these are made out of thinner white museum board. I then created benchesby cutting into the bottom of the wall and adding in long thin horizontalelements out of thin black museum board. This provides ample seating andcomfortable areas for rest. As thewalls go from high to low and the cantilevered roof pieces disappear thetransition from protected indoor space to outdoor space begins. Through my “kitof parts” design concept I created a market which has comfortable exposedoutdoor spaces with seating, partially covered and shaded spaces with seatingand very protected areas with high walls and ceiling coverage. Thissuccessfully addresses all environmental situations and needs of the site.