Piehole Pizza

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  • Simple, cool, neutral and ( ofcourse ) delicious. Thats are 3 main idea of this logo.
    PIEHOLE. A small pizza restaurants based in USA,have been in business for several years
    and starting to look for a fresh look ( re-branding ).

    So we make something fresh in their logo. PIEHOLE logotype. Minimalizing the usage of grungy texture, so its going to be easy  to use in some of the applications specified.  

    Why "simple" ? So We can put it ( the logo ) easily, every where, all media, and ofcourse, you can customize it with other color, or using texture, just like MTV logos.

    Cool ? The costumer, absolutely cool !!

    Neutral? Yes, its not just a "kiddie logo".

    Delicious?? Yeaammie.. can you see the "taste" of this logo?? so delicious just like PIEHOLE's pizza. :9

    We dont always need a pizza picture in the logo to make it called "a pizza restaurant logo".
    And we also to give to much paint brush, so it still clear to read, every where. As the main purpose, Branding.

    Here some picture, i put the logo in any stuff.
    Bussiness card, stickers, print, website, etc.
  • Piehole Logotype

  • Piehole stationery

  • New website layout for Piehole.

    for more detail of PIEHOLE pizza, please contact:

    205 N. 8th Street
    ( corner of 8th & Idaho Street )
    Boise, Idaho 83702


    1016 Broadway Avenue
    ( at University Drive )
    Boise, Idaho 83706