This three-year interior design project started with the decision that my room was going to reflect my design philosophy: practicality through simplicity. I was also adamant that it was to heavily feature my favourite colour, green, with a darker floor and white ceiling to create the illusion of space.
The process began in a bed shop, when I fell in love with a 1970s Italian clock that they had out as a display prop. My mum bargained off them for nothing seeing as we were buying two beds, and I then had a custom mix of paint created to match.
I splashed said paint all over the walls whilst waiting for my furniture to return from it's transformation from glossy wood to pure white. I also set about the challenge of finding more accessories in this very specific shade of green, a process which took about two years.
The real work, however, came in designing the underlying systems which allow for such a simple design. I routed audiovisual cables under the floor, and re-routed power from mains sockets into drawers. This allows the installation of chargers in handy places, the removal of plug sockts (which I saw as visual clutter), and the installation of discreet remote-controlled lighting.
The defining feature has the choice of floor covering: artificial grass. I decided on this interesting carpet substitute after a trip to a local garden centre, where I noticed a display of camping cutlery on fake grass which looked particularly nice, and I thought that if I placed my whole room on the stuff then it would look nice too. I would argue that it does, and is also surprisingly comfy, all whilst resisting spills and stains.
Using a minimal design means that I can no longer hide my mess and nor can I use frivolous decoration to mask my cleaning incompetence. The honest design is not an exercise in luxury, rather it is a design which challenges  my previously cluttered way of living. I believe that in designing a space for living, you design a way of life, and with the pure simplicity of the space, my room is now a haven for a hectic but organised life.