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    Pieces from a 5 weeks Art Residency in Manhattan
Art + New York = Love
Picture credit : Keren Moscovitch
I created this 4 x 6 feet puzzle. It is call "Play with my (HE)ART" - HEART VS ART. I wanted to have the public participate by touching the puzzle, by moving the pieces around, wanting them to transform figurative in total abstraction even. At first, I was working with 20 wood panels as it was easier to paint. But when I was done, I cut everything in small 3 x 6 inches pieces. The public had 144 pieces to play with. I wanted the people to PLAY WITH MY ART as I was asking them to take action towards what they were looking at. On a second level, more personnal, the words they could read by looking at this big puzzle were the ones of a girl challenging love: "Don't be afraid", "Come closer", "Take me now"... PLAY WITH MY HEART!
I am quite proud of this piece, as it helped me in my work as an artist. Thinking deeper, getting closer to installations and performing art.
Picture credit : Keren Moscovitch
The New York public did PLAY WITH MY (HE)ART!