ScotchBlue Brand Identity
It gives you the edge.
Professionals both trust and rely on ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape products because they consistently work better than competitor tapes to provide professional results and save time. Do-it-yourselfers trust the ScotchBlue™ brand and take comfort in the fact that it’s the brand professionals use.

The refresh of the ScotchBlue Brand System was initiated to maintain the integrity of the brand through it's Original product sku, introduce and communicate the arrival of two new tapes Delicate & Multi-Surface and package the trio under the brand with a simplified message communicating their individual usage, benefits and maintaining the main message of Super Sharp Paint Lines.
Print Ad (Featured in USA Today & Home & Garden Magazine)   
In-Store Header Display (In-Aisle Component @HomeDepot) 
In-Store Header Display (In-Aisle Component @HomeDepot)
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 In-Store POP Display (Featured @HomeDepot & Sherwin Williams)