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    #THINKbeforeyouswipe - Think Campaign - social media, dating and millenials
The concept of this campaign is to illustrate the sense of disconnect in our dating culture, predominantly among millenials. My research began with social media and dating apps in general, however I narrowed it down to just one app called Tinder. The mindless act of swiping left and right to say “yes or no” to a prospective partner based solely on appearance, perfectly displays the lack of connection between two people when forming relationships, as well as the lack of interest we have in getting to know a person on more than just a superficial level. It has created an accelerated dating culture where there are no rules or consequences for one’s actions due to the idea of this infinite dating pool. The “grass is greener” mentality enhances the idea that there is always someone else, that your next encounter is only a swipe away. This campaign is meant to make people stop and think about the relationship culture we’ve created. To encourage them to stop and think about how they want to be treated and how they want to be addressed. Tinder has turned into a judgment of self worth for a lot of its users, who only swipe to feel better about themselves each time they get a new match. If a relationship is formed on such a superficial and physical level through a sometimes manipulated photograph with no body language or eye contact how are we supposed to form meaningful connections? The campaign is split into two segments. Each piece is followed by the hashtag #THINKbeforeyouswipe. This makes the project easy to follow on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The first segment consists of text bubbles from various conversations on Tinder and are placed in high-traffic, urban areas. Applications are in settings similar to where street art would be seen, as well as bathroom graffiti. The second segment is a series of print ads entitled “Six Months Later”. These show the conversations from tinder between two people, and the texts between them six months later. Often showing a blatant lack of connection, respect and interest even though this time frame should have allowed for a more in depth understanding of the other person. This part of the campaign reiterates the point that a meaningful relationship cannot be formed on merely a sexual attraction.