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Portraits from a Moonlight Garden
Portraits from a Moonlight Garden
Portraits from a Moonlight Garden is an on-going series of black and white flower portraits from documentary fine art photographer JAWiley. 

“I’ve been working on photographing flowers for a couple ofyears now. This series began one afternoon after  a rain shower. I had run homefor lunch and was surprised to see that some flowers I had plopped  unceremoniously into a pot on my front stoop had burst into bloom. I had ¾ of aroll of black and white film in  my camera so I got to work.

“After shooting a couple of frames, I realized that I wasnot capturing the image that I was seeing in my head  yet… the background was competingfor attention. I grabbed a scrap of black fabric and stuck it behind the  flower. I had my image.

“I chose toconcentrate on white flowers against a dark backdrop because I like thecontrast. It also turns the  image into a formal portrait, and speaks to theemotions that people often associate with flowers. I think it  also gives theimages a meditative quality.”

One dozen of the current images are showcased here... More flower portraits can be viewed at
Star of Bethlehem
Lily of the Valley
Dutch Tulip
Calla 1
 Pincushion(aka Scabiosa)
Straw Flower