theKlouds // series 001 // Claudius
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    Limited editions sculpture character design.
I grew up in a remote house in the outskirts of Stockholm. The winters often meant lots of snow, so much that my mum sometimes had to pull me around on a sledge since walking and even driving could be rather hard. I remember lying down on my back looking up at the sky seeing the sun and stars but most vivid in my memory - clouds. They were floating up there, ever changing shape. They were real, physical, but then again not. At first when you look at a cloud you look at the shape, but quickly you start looking through it, past and beyond. Your imagination is triggered. You drift away. The sky becomes a mirror of your mind, a gate to your creativity and the clouds are your ideas.

What started as a scribble in Amsterdam a long time ago has now finally materialized in a limited edition wood sculpture. After finding Jeff Koons favourite wood master village in South Tyrol (yes the village where that Koons and Cicciolina piece was made) I finally have 32 fluffy clouds. They will be sold in some selected stores around the world and web. They are 140 Euro each(set of cloud, pipe and pipe smoke). And to give you an idea of the size, the main cloud is ca. 14cm wide. Meet Claudius, the first character edition of theKlouds series
Some hard facts.
theKlouds 001 - Claudius. Wax stained ash wood. Standard size(main cloud ca 14 cm wide). Edition of 32. Numbered. Man machine made in Südtirol. Hand finished in Berlin. Dreamed up in Amsterdam.