Disco Is Not Dead
A Space Love Adventure
This is a personal project i wanted to do just for fun, since i recently discover a lot of cool bands and producers makin' electro music strongly inspired by the 80's disco sound, retro videogames, and old movie soundtracks
(people like The Outrunners, Power Glove, Kavinsky, Tesla Boy, Flashworx...etc.).
Then, this genre has a very distinctive graphic feel, inspired by the futuristic/space artworks we used to have back in the eighties (recently modernized with Tron Legacy), that i really really like.
So, everything started just for fun, but when i saw it could become a really nice artwork,  i decided to get serious with it and start to design this 70x100 for print.
Meanwhile, i started to mess with GarageBand that is very easy to use and has a lot of 80's synth sounds cos i wanted to see if i could combine a homemade song with this.
This is the final result.

This is the song i made for the project. I really love to make music and play with computer sound softwares, even if i'm not a pro. The song is FREE and you can download it all the times you want, if you want to use it for anything it's ok, just tell me! And of course: feedbacks appreciated!

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The beginning of the Photoshop Layers Madness: the final file sizes were 1.50 GB
My car stereo. it gave me inspiration for the typography. And no, i'm not Predator, it's just broken.
My old GAME BOY from 1991-1992. It's fuckin' 20 years!!! And it still works. True Retrofuturism at its best.