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Australand 'Pop Up' in Major Retail Centres
Australand are one of the Australia's most successful diversified property groups, operating across the east coast as well as within Western Australia. 

The focus of this client's engagement was to develop a retail 'pop up' display, which would be used to target shoppers in shopping precincts, both in an around their newly developed residential estates.

Being new to this form of marketing medium, the client required our expertise to first develop the design and then help them understand the ensuing steps of the project. 

Synergy Australia would design, build and manage the display asset, while also tending to its ongoing installation, often at short notice. This project demonstrates the range of in-house services offered by Synergy Australia and also highlights the ability to respond to all facets of a display building project with maximum efficiency. 

The design brief was to create a display which was reflective of the architectural forms seen in the client's own housing developments. In response, the design introduced angles to represent the modernist housing designs being introduced to market by the client. 

Multi-directional signage and graphical content was also a requirement of the display, with the added feature of an in-built LCD screen through which promotional footage could be used to engage and inform the prospective customer. As shopping centre spaces are often set in dual or multi-directional pathways, the decision was made early to develop the display in two freestanding modules, which would allow the flexibility to renconfigure the space to suit the floor of foot traffic and maximise branding exposure.

A large format 1x1m sized map was inset into the bench top and angled forward to improve its exposure and ergonomics for viewing. This has proven to be a useful tool for the sales staff in directing customers to available land plots, or simply navigating the estate. 

Recessed brochure holders both neaten the aesthetic appearance of the display, and allow best use of available cavity spaces. 

From a practical standpoint, the display itself needed to be installed within the small windows of time offered by the major shopping centres (generally a 4-6 hour window), so it was built with this in mind. It also needed to be powered, which presented a common problem apparent in many temporary pop up installations. This problem stems from the position of the power point, which is often located in the shopping centre's floor and centered in the floor space creating a trip hazard. The usual solution to this problem is to fabricate and install a custom built raised timber floor. This in turn poses two big problems, the first of which is the exorbitant expense associated with the fabrication. The second issue is the time required to install a floor to OH&S compliant standards - both create cost and time issues and make the custom made flooring option undesirable for a pop up display. To counter this, Synergy Australia had sourced an ingenious snap together floor named 'Cable-Floor'. Cable-Floor is a very simple to install, light weight floor fabricated from an environmentally sound recycled plastic material. Made up of a series of 10x10cm sized tiles, the floor can be sent out to site pre-assembled in larger sections (eg. 1x3m sections) and then simply rolled out and snapped together within minutes. 

The Cable-Floor system's ability to eliminate these flooring problems impressed the Synergy Australasia management so much, they have since become the national distributor of the product.