Cermusoni ID, the Swiss firm at which I interned in early 2015, partnered with a non-profit benefiting the mentally disabled to print and sell art pieces. I took on the task of programming the responsive e-commerce site under the design direction of fellow designers Ursula and Sabina.

I brought my web design, UX and UI skills to the table to improve upon the existing design in consideration of many different settings in which users will access the site.
Time constraints! I had only one month to create the entire site from the ground up. I supplemented my existing skillset of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP with new backend knowledge of CMS integration and MySQL access to ease updatability.
Coding the shopping cart was definitely the most difficult part of this project. It involved many aspects of web development with which I had not been previously confronted, including localStorage, phpMyAdmin, and MySQL database integration.
As a base, I worked from this tuts+ shopping cart tutorial by Sucui Vlad. From there, I needed to prepare form data to be written to the database as well. Since the store is cash on delivery and no payment information is processed, I did not need to worry as much about security, an area in which I have little expertise.
This was an incredibly difficult project requiring many late nights, but my struggles paid off when I could hand off a working site at the end of my internship. In the future, I can definitely see myself working more with code, and with a better base, I could now turn my attention to more advanced frameworks.