City by the Sandwich

This was for Starwood Hotels: a series of infographics detailing the ingredients found in the signature sandwiches of six major North American cities. I've always been a fan of cross-sections, blueprints, etc. and it was quite a challenge to illustrate something as mundane as a slice of ham. The Ruxly guys liked it as did the client and the final image can be found on Starwood's SPG Weekend Channel blog. The text is by Galena Mosovitch.
They wanted to see 1- and 2-column versions. The final graphic is a variation of the first one below.
The George Barley Prize

The George Barley Prize is the $10 million prize awarded by the Everglades Foundation to the team that can find a way to reduce the phosphorus found in the waters, a leading cause of algae blooms. The client was not happy with the designs their existing agency had developed so Ruxly was called in. I was given the original material and some nice mood boards. I spent a weekend on it and just had fun!

This is just a small sampling. After trying out several typefaces, including some classics like Gotham and Frutiger, I eventually went with the Proxima Nova family by Mark Simonson Studio and available from Adobe Typekit. The colors were sampled from the stock photography found in the mood boards.