"GIRGUR" - Street cats feeding management app for IPAD
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    "GIRGUR" is a street cats feeding management application designed for IPAD
Street cats feeding management application designed for IPAD
I live in a four storey building, surrounded by a large number of street cats.
We (my neighbours and me) like to feed them very much, perhaps too much...
Besides the unhealthy surroundings created due to large ammounts of thrown food, the cats are
extreamly fat, and only getting fatter.
I designed "GIRGUR" to help control the feeding times and food amounts between all the apartments.
The system works in several languages (English, Hebrew and Russian) for larger user convenience.
Below you can see a breakfast scenario, shared between the building's appartments.
I named the application "GIRGUR" inspired by the sound the cats make when they are satisfied either due to getting food or love.
This is one of my building's cat.