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    Posters displaying vector graphics promoting the 'Life on the Reef' museum exhibition
Life on the Coral Reef
Print Design
The aim of this project was to produce a set of posters designed to promote a new exhibition at the Australian Museum. The exhibit was named 'Life on the Coral Reef',as the name suggests its purpose was to educate the public about the various forms of life connected to the Great Barrier Reef.

During my research into the various plants and animals that lived on the Reef I was struck firstly by the vivid colours of this life, bright and powerful bursts of colour. I therefore wanted to highlight this by using such colours in a bold manor. I was also struck by the clear and crisp images of this underwater life. Therefore I decided to use clear and crisp lines in this illustration to demonstrate the crisp waters of the Reef.

On deciding on compositions for the pieces I tried out various solutions, trying to fit as many different forms of life as I could as a showcase. However this resulted in a very messy and convoluted set of images. So I pulled back from that and looked again at my research and tried to find out why I liked the images I had chosen to look at. I discovered that the most striking images were that of the dramatic schools of fish that had been caught on camera navigating the ocean. I felt these conveyed the vibrancy and abundance of life that lived there, so that is why I decided on the final compositions.

I hope you like the final outcome.

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