Information Overload
The Bad of Knowing Too Much
Information Overload - The Bad of Knowing Too Much is a year-long project proposed for my final year of undergraduate studies. The project is split into two phases across the whole year which aims to achieve the following 3 points through the use of Graphic Design:

Phase One
1. Educate Information Users like us what Information and Information Overload is.
2. How it affects them in their daily lives

Phase Two (Currently in progress)
3. Ultimately aiding Information Users in alleviating the effects of Information Overload.

In the first phase of the project I had designed an interactive web application targeted at educating the audience on what exactly Information is as well as typical Information Overload scenarios happening in their daily lives. Different interactions were employed across the entire web application so as to better illustrate the different ideas/scenarios.

This web application done for Phase One can be viewed at As this project is still on-going, the version of the web application posted online is a work-in-progress that might not be entirely bug-free.

Phase Two is currently in progress and is scheduled to be completed end-April 2012.
Sitemap of the entire web application
 Defining Information - A motion graphic video explaining to users what Information is all about
 Defining Information Motion Graphic