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    Kami a playing tool for learning colors
I would like to present here a new concept/product of my invention called Kami, that could be of interest to artists, art teachers, designers, and to all people interested in art, color and creativity.
Kami playing cards are an enjoyable, educational tool accessible to everyone for learning  the mixtures and combinations of colors. Unlike other existing card games, they are neither numerals nor figurative, but chromatic: they use the sense of color.
You can see below the main features of the playing cards.
But that’s not all! Kami is also a creative-thinking toolbox. In fact, the card deck is accompanied with 21 extra cards (see photograph below), each of them containing two distinct creative instructions with which you can obtain a combination of 2744 possible creative solutions. It is a kind of oracle or “magic 8 ball” that instead of predicting the future it gives you random advices to spark fresh insights that will help refine your ideas into realistic creations. A lot of people told me that Kami provided them endless creative fuel to fine up their imagination.
In the 90’s I wrote a bestseller book on the symbology and psychology of colors, this huge work was packed with the playing cards Kami. Kami was very popular and demanded by many collectors. If interested, you can still buy this book from Amazon USA or Amazon France (the book is in French!).
I am looking for publishers, agencies, designers or any people interested in developing and distributing this new concept. You can contact me through my website.