Holiday Announcement and Gift

Warm winter wishes, from our kitchens to yours. A collaboration with Sharon Silverberg. We designed the labels, packaging, and greetings, and created a custom mix of mulling spices. Sent to over 150 people (family, friends, and design heroes) in introduction of Good Measure, a line of versatile spice labels from which proceeds will benefit charities aimed at feeding the hungry. (The back story: This experiment was born one ordinary evening when I gazed into my spice cupboard and all of the mismatched jars (some big, some small; some labeled, some not; some from the store, some reincarnated from earlier lives as jam jars) and found myself with a deep, burning desire to organize the beast. I knew I'd need help, so I called on my trusty friend and inspiration, Sharon.)

Winter 2011

Lettering, art direction, packaging design, pattern design, illustration, copywriting, print production, product photography

Good Measure, coming soon
Collaborator: Sharon Silverberg