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    Leeds University Union hosted the biggest Black History Month they've had in recent years.
As part of the marketing team for Leeds University Union, I won the opportunity to design the entire Black History Month campaign. We implemented the campaign on two fronts; as a series of various events and as a campaign to increase awareness of the history of black culture.
The logo for the campaign was developed into a simple, yet flexible mark that encompassed the history of black culture and the struggles it has faced and overcome. The brush stroke turns the traditional facial art of African culture into a symbol of defiance and stength. The various strokes bring forward that humanitarian aspect.
These posters of influential black figures are celebrated for the words they have previously spoken. Words that have inspired generations.
These event posters steer away from the people of black culture and focus more on the textural aspects of black culture. From the splendid art of traditional African masks to the vibrant colours of batik painting. Each background linking the type of events being held during that particular week. 
The biggest event of the month's calendar was a lecture titled 'Why is my Curriculum White?'. A question asked by the Education Officer of LUU to the University of Leeds. A gathering of over 500 students and staff gave this campaign the energy and awarenesss it deserves. 

The design for this event had the task of sparking conversation. Through evocative imagery and transforming the logo's brush stroke into something much more bold, this poster series forced the student body to think about the question being asked and become compelled to find out more at the event.