Being a duo of professional deejays at international level isn’t quite easy and Daddy’s Grove’s English social activity and visual content needed full support 24/7.
We’ve created from scratch a fully detailed and organized publishing plan, including “multitask” content, which purpose was to attract interest from a motley range of users aged between 16-50 years old.
This process is based on an accurate analysis of the engagement between the pair and the following: fans, music bloggers, house music lovers, artists and sound technicians.

The above-mentioned publishing plan comprehends a captivating signature, “WeAre”, divided into three branches, all of which is targeted: #WeAreMusic - #WeArePeople - #WeAreStrange.
#WeAreMusic as they are international artists, #WeArePeople cause they are down-to-earth and close to their fans, #WeAreStrange in regard to their love of sharing their gleeful way of life with the world.
These publishing plans have been blended together perfectly thanks to an accurate day to day activity, an up to date schedule of events, gossip about their lifestyle and links and posts sector-based (trending music, new equipment, music partnerships).

The publishing plans:
– #WeAreMusic
– #WeArePeople
– #WeAreStrange
have made the website itself unique, its purpose is not only confined to be a mere promotional link but has tightened even more the connection with the fans.
Therefore, Daddy’s Groove’ website has given his supporting base a place where everyone can share and post their content.

Publishing activity and social networking (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) were running together in order to promote, in the best possible way, events, tour dates or singles release.
Thanks to this hand in hand collaboration we’ve been able to nurture the number of users and improve the engagement.

We’ve adopted the so-called Real Time Marketing. It consists in riding the coattails of something or someone and getting the most out of it, such as a higher response from the fans with a consequent rise of engagement.
As you can see, the post above portrays Usain Bolt and his famous 200m sprint in Beijing, Summer 2015’s top trend.
This pic along with texts has represented Daddy’s Groove’s first ever publishing plan. The outcome, as expected, was:
a better engagement;
growth of the website’s organic reach:
increase of followers.
Daddy's Groove - Social Strategy