Chameleon - Sportswear Accessoires Design
This project aims to design three final accessoires design for woman sportswear.
Designs are created for the fall/winter 2017 season, with the fabric provided by the chemistry company BASF. 
For the selection of sports, as a team we choose training, yoga, lifting and running to narrow down our design direction.
The mood consists of sophistication with a constant flow, fading and fusing happen simultaneously within the texture. Generating a contemporary ambience that is pursued within the designs.

The colors are inspired by nature and the cold Autumn and Winter season. The marble pattern symbolises the cracks in the ice, as well as showcasing the reflection of a bight city.
9 different concepts were intially brainstormed and developed. The designs include a waist bag, portable mat, arm band and gloves (with fingers and fingerless), as well as lifting glove, backpack, hair tie, bottle grip and ankle support.
Manipulations are made to the fabric provided by BASF, techniques such as laser cutting and embossing are conducted as well.
We recieved feedback from BASF, in which shoes are recommend for sportswear accessoires. Therefore, we decided to move forward with the concept of lifting gloves, shoes and yoga mat. Eight various designs are developed for each of the product.
Contribution: Alex Ghalibaf and Ciska van der Schalk
The final three accessories designs are produced in the color that matches with the sportswear apparel team. Color variations are also created for each product.
Lifting Gloves
 The lifting glove is crafted with the BASF stretchable material. The design is flexible and durable which allows for easy movement and comfort. The lifting glove is created to prevent injuries during workout. Anti-slip padding is applied to the palm of the glove for traction during weight lifting; as well as a cushioned layer for comfort and protection of the hand. A rubber velcro detail is placed at the wrist, for customizable tightness. 
Perforations in the shape of a marble pattern is achieved through laser cutting. This aspect provides more breath-ability. The BASF fabric’s high water absorbency & quick drying properties make this glove ideal for extreme workout sessions at the gym.
Training Shoes
Designed with Janet Wong
This unique training shoes is inspired by the wrapping technique. We adopt BASF’s expanded TPU foam technology for an anti-vibrational sole, with a marble print at the bottom. A marble pattern is sculpted with transparent, anti-slip silicon and applied over the print. Therefore, the shoes are suitable for studio workouts and for the outdoors in any weather condition. The shoe is constructed with three materials by BASF. The upper-shoe is made from Chameleon stretchable fabric for comfort.
The front portion involves fusing Chameleon TwoTone to the outside to make it water repellent. The wraparound straps extensions are constructed of Chameleon suede-like fused with TwoTone. The combination provides durability and waterproofing for the sides of the shoe. Additionally, two eyelets are placed at the back sides for securing the straps in place. The wrapping straps are tied behind the heels for flexible size adjustment to the foot.
Yoga Mat
 The design of yoga mat is thin and lightweight. The mat is constructed with Chameleon suedelike fabric. In combination with an anti-slippery neoprene layer (rubberized) at the bottom. Embossing is applied to the Chameleon layer to add traction without compromising the sweat-absorbent and quick dry properties. The design features a detachable pouch, which is affixed to the yoga mat by rubber velcro straps. The mat can be rolled up and secured with the magnetic snaps, while small personal items can be stored in the pouch.
Apparel designed by Janet Wong
A collaboration with sportswear apparel team.
Chameleon - Sportswear Accessoires Design

Chameleon - Sportswear Accessoires Design

This project aims to design three final accessoires design for woman sportswear. Designs are created for the fall/winter 2017 season, with the fa Read More