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Linked Identities: University Branding Project
For my Graphic Design 3 class, we had to do a branding project where we created a fake university and two institutes from it. We could have the university and the institutes be from anywhere, but we had to have one institute out of state or country lines. The university and two institutes each had to have their own seperate idenity but be linked at the same time. And we had to create a business letter, business card, envelope, broshure, and a social media campaign. 
We spent some time studying the Texas A&M system and other for-profit schools. And after during some research and thinking, I dedicided to base my university and one of the institutes in Japan, since I am planning on traveling there for the 2016 summer and I have been studying its history and mythology recently. 

For starters, I looked into Edo or Tukogawa Japan period (from the 1600s-late 1800s) because I remembered that there was a lady who was known for starting her own school. After going through my notes, I found Lady Saigo who was the consort of Tokugawa Iyeasu, the first Tokugawa shogun of Japan. 
I decided that my logos for the university and two institutes would be based off of Japanese mon or family crests. I went with the family crest for the Saigo family and decided to stylize the feather into something a bit more modern. 
The school colors for Saigo University is purple because it was considered the color of royalty and cream or white as my accent color. 
For each, I made its own broshure package. For Saigo University, I took an idea of a folding fan and created a booklet that folds out to look like a fan from the sides. I put it together using glue and a thick cream paper that wouldn’t crease or tear easily. The resulting booklet wouldn’t be as cost effective to mail as a normal broshure, but considering other colleges send 200-500 page books for interested students, I believe its on par with higher-end universities with enough money to be able to afford to do so. The University and Fashion Insitute both use a eco-friendly banana paper in their school colors. 
Within each pocket of the folding-fan broshure, I created cards with little blurbs of information printed on them. Each card has information about a different topic like admissions, academics, sports, clubs and activites, and other important information that a prospective student would want to know. I also included six cards with information about Tyoko, Japan, where the universites is based out of that includes information like transportation, dining, and sight seeing. 
For my post card, I used a sheet of eco-friendly Lakota Paper with cherry blossoms on it. 
On the back of my postcard, I included information about Lady Saigo and a picture to help prospective students get an idea of the importance of the historical background surrounding the school. The postcard also includes a fake student with a Japanese mailing address. 
I spent a lot of time considering what to do for my fashion institue, looking into different things I could do with it. I decided to place my fashion institute in Seoul, South Korea as they are starting to become known for their fashion industry there. 
Yellow-orange is the main school color because in Japan, the color stands for bravery and in South Korea the color is similar to that of gold which in the past was only allowed on royalty. For the family crest, I used the hollyhock as that is the flower that the Tokugawa family bases their crest off, using the leaves. For mine, I did the flower, putting a star in the middle when I researched what the flower actually looks like. The fashion institute is named after the Empress-Consort, Tokugawa Masako, who was the grand-daughter of Lady Saigo. Masako was also known as a patron of the arts, so I thought it would be fitting that a fashion school would be named after her. 
For my broshure, I did some research into different kinds of broshures and folders to include my information in. I decided to turn it into a broshure about financial aid information. The broshure itself is based off of wedding invitations and counted as an evelope, business letter, and business card holder. 
Pictures of the prototype broshure. 
On the outside of the actual broshure, I lined it in the orange banana paper and a similar colored cardstock as the banana paper was too thin ot use on its own. 
To hold my broshure together, I found a white button that looked like my logo and braided a string in  the school colors. The string includes eight little knots spaced apart in groups as eight in Shinto is an important number. I placed the string in the middle as it reminded me of Japanese kimonos and obi belts where a string is tied around the obi. 
I included packet for winning a scholarship held with a clothes-hanger paper clip.
For my other institute, I based it out of Hyogo Perfecture where Kobe beef comes from. I decided to go with a cooking institute and the school colors are blue and white based off the colors that Japanese dishes are traditionally colored in. Blue also means purity in Japan. 
For the logo, I created my own “crest” based off the shapes of Santoku bocho knives which stand for “three virtues” so I made three in the logo. 
For this broshure, I used a piano hinge binding with a chopstick, since chopsticks are traditionally used in Japan. 
For my business cards, I used cream paper and tried to use little “bullet points” for the infomation with signs that go along with the logos. Arrows for Siago, stars for Masako, and for Hyogo I used circles. I also created personas of the admissions staff and their contact info. 
We also had to create a social  media campaign, so I created a Twitter and an Instagram for Hyogo Cooking Institute since I figured they would like to post updates of their food and events. I also made an Instagram for Masako Institute to go along with the “scholarship” and since I figured it would be the best place to show off fashion creations and shows. 
Linked Identities: University Branding Project

Linked Identities: University Branding Project

For my Graphic Design 3 class, we had to create a linked identity branding project for a fake university and two institutes.


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