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Queenstown Airport

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Our team was hired to redesign the wayfinding system for Queenstown Airport, the fourth busiest airport in New Zealand. The airport aims to provide an efficient and top-notch facility that reflects the best of the region. We worked closely with the airport team to understand their needs and prioritized a customer-centred approach throughout the creative process. We referred to the airport's affordable, adaptable, sustainable, and memorable principles to guide our work.

We created a unique, functional, and recognizable signage system that appeals to multiple audiences, emphasizing the concept of "Making the invisible visible." The system visualizes the invisible lines created when people travel from one place to another, using a flexible, modular, and scalable identity of three intuitive and friendly lines. We also designed a bespoke set of pictograms, which we super-sized to enhance the visitor experience.

The Queenstown Airport brand identity inspired the colour palette, paired with the legible Flama by Feliciano Type Foundry. We also incorporated New Zealand's heritage elements, such as the traditional Maori Koru, throughout the wayfinding system. We carefully selected photographs from local artists to support the community.

The redesign highlights that Queenstown Airport is a human, friendly and warm atmosphere despite growing passenger numbers, which have reached more than 2.14 million annually. We transformed the wayfinding system for the international and domestic terminals, airside and landside doors, bathroom facilities, car parks, Flight Information Display Screens (FIDS), info desk, baggage trolleys, QAC internal offices, and the operations centre.

The result is a highly distinctive and consistent wayfinding system that fosters a positive experience for all visitors.
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Queenstown Airport


Queenstown Airport

Queenstown Airport