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    Graphics about cities and other things.
Color Cities
The latest
I never thought about making these works again. It seems I can't finish off with them. Anyways, these compositions were made in the last week, although the story goes back much further. In 2010, I made a few of these multi colored, miniature "cities", but it was just an idea, nothin' more. In the next year, a Hungarian architect, whom I met in an artist summer course was totally gone mad about it, and began to enlarge a part of it as an oil painting. I was really suprised because of his excitement. (It wasn't about architect, building city or anything.) So in the last week, I made a few others in this way and this time, the city was my subject. (mostly) All pictures were made in A/5, ink, aquarelle, pencil, Canson Montval.
 6th February, 2012 - ink, aquarelle, pencil
 City - ink, aquarelle, pencil
 City II. - ink, aquarelle, pencil
 City III. - ink, aquarelle, pencil
 Lights - ink, aquarelle, pencil
 Colored flame - ink, aquarelle, pencil
 City IV - ink, aquarelle, pencil