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    Electric car concept.
Electric car concept
Electric car concept for italian company CRK.

Spar-tan [spahr-tan] - suggestive of the ancient Spartans; bold, aggressive, disciplined, rigorous, simple and frugal.

- The CRK Spartan Concept Electric Vehicle features a single moving canopy-like hood instead of doors. This feature maximizes entering space and reduces moving parts and complexity.

- The abundant glass areas ensure optimal visibility and a sense of roominess, which are vital in such a small vehicle. The headlights are located behind the frontal glass. The interior space was dimensioned to ensure optimal room for a relatively large person (Carl).

- The carbon fiber roll bar is primarily a safety and structural feature but also results in a relevant aesthetical asset.

- Though being small and tall due to the required dimensions, the large frontal wheel arches, air intakes, discrete spoiler and inclined profile favor a sporty/aggressive look that finds it’s dwelling place in the urban environments.

- The overall simplicity results in good manufacturability.

 This project is currently being redesigned as a three wheeler, a more simple and manufacturable model.
The dimensions required by the client were very restrictive, still the car was expected to feel roomy and sporty.