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    A small, simple passive speaker that snaps on the iPad and guides the sound to the front of the iPad 2.
A passive snap-on speaker for the iPad 2.
It happens more often that you would like. You use the iPad in the sofa, in your bed, or standing on the table in the Smart Cover. There's video or music playing and you can almost not hear anything. You turn up the volume to the max with little effect. The speaker just booms the sound away from you, filling the space behind the iPad, or into the bedsheets.

Enter Soundsnap. Simply snap on the passive speaker - and the sound is guided to the front. Easy and no hassle.
Made from soft coated TPE, the Soundsnap has friction enough to stay fixed on the iPad, and is still easy to remove when necessary.
Soundsnap comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to match your Smart cover or the mood of the day.
The Soundsnap is still a concept, but I am looking into having it manufactured. Next step is to get hold of a prototype, then we will see how expensive the tool for manufacture is.
If you would like to see this become a reality, please appreciate below, reblog etc.! Thanks!