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"MEMO 20" : an alternative way of Memory Management
A temporary installation, for an alternative way of memory management,
in urban spots charged with special historical value.

What if we abolished the conventional way of commemorating in the public space?

What if we evoked the mnemonic procedure, without even the existence of a monument?
MEMO20 is a portable womb of memory, that uses tha human, as the means to collect, store and offer memory.

No more monuments. Only memory.

The notion "lieu de memoire", that is to say the exact spot where an event took place, led to the creation of an ephemeral installation-passepartout, able to move around the city. The purpose, is to reanimate the memory in the original place, but also to disturb the predictability
of the urban scenery.

In this picture we shall live eternally.

A universal glossary made from visual representations, vivid and easy-to-recognize from anyone, is the ideal language to narrate the facts. Visual and acoustic data are collected from the witnesses, in order to create the digital portraits of the past events. Data is stored in the back space of the installation and afterwards they are converted into external stimulus like video, sound, projections, photography, animations and digital mapping.

A machine able to put together disassembled presencies.

The goal, is to project the images of those who lived in the history, to the ones that have only heard of it. In the end, the installation is to become a womb of memory, maintaining its external form, but carrying a different content each time.

We should spend more time on the stairs.

MEMO20 takes the form of a CLIMAX, the the architectural element that represents the uplift of the soul in many civilisations and religions. This, indicates the overall intention of rising to a higher and broader level of information. In contrast to the unlevelled information offered in the contemporary era of internet networking, MEMO20 is hosted in the form that represents the levelled elevation towards memory, via the procedure of the RECALL. The climax creates a new relationship between space and passenger. The curiosity is aroused: what is up there? what view is to be revealled?
All in all, every anodic step of the body, is an actual experience, where each one of us faces a different picture.
MEMO20 user experience manual
MEMO20 in front of a caravansary, dating back in ~1450, in Volos, central Greece
more than one units could circulate, thus creating the memory network of the city- example in Monastiraki square, Athens, Greece
MEMO20 in front of a landmark building, opposite to the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
MEMO20 in front of the Kitrini Apotheka building, in Volos, central Greece- a tobacco factory, later used as space for tortures during the German bondage in the 1940's.
MEMO20 constructional details
model in 1:5
materials used: metal,wood

The MEMO20, is a degree thesis project, created by Ino Theodorou in collaboration with Katerina Synodinou and was presented in the University of Thessaly, department of Architecture, in March 2010.
"MEMO 20" : an alternative way of Memory Management

"MEMO 20" : an alternative way of Memory Management

MEMO20. A temporary installation, for an alternative way of memory management, in urban spots charged with special historical value.


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