Coral is a component project whose idea is to mix the pieces to bring to the light more possibilites of joint to set different strucure combinations.
The project was made to the Sergio Fix's enterprise Teto Mobília Contemporânea (Teto Contemporary Furniture):
First, a basic form was defined. Then it came to be an really analytic project of how to interconnect the forms in interesting angles (90º, 45º, 60º) to combine the structures.
But, we saw that was possible to explore another configurations and angulations. The result is the one bellow:
After the firsts experimentations with forms, we got this result, with three basic combinations.
Then, we start to going crazy with the possibilities! It's perfectly possible that we'll never reach all of them, so we defined those ones that were interesting in terms of composition and to the commercial point of view.
Side Table
Side Table
Central Table
Central Table
Workstation / Reunion Table
An entire coral of possibilities.