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    Desarrollo de Marca
Desarrollo de marca

The restructing of the international financial Sabertia required, not only to show a change, but also what this change was about. The current clients had to acknowledge a positive change, without feeling that the whole history of the trademark had been forgotten. And regarding the new potential clients, we had to communicate the strong renovation, separating what had been done before.
This became a challenge, that began with the new trademark and an institutional presentation, that later gave place to the communication business.
-Brand Book
-Insitutional Presentations
Desarrollo de marca
La reestructuración de la financiera internacional Sabertia requería, no sólo demostrar un cambio, sino también manifestarlo, exhibirlo. Los clientes actuales debían internalizarlo sin sentir que toda la historia de la marca había sido olvidada, mientras que a los potenciales nuevos clientes, había que comunicarles la fuerte renovación, poniendo un punto y aparte a lo que se venía haciendo previamente.
Esto se convirtió en un desafio, que comenzó con la nueva marca y una presentación institucional, para luego dar paso al resto de las piezas de comunicación.
Piezas realizadas:
-Manual de marca
-Presentaciones institucionales
.Logo process.
Latin America and Iberian Peninsula: are Sabertia hinterlands, that through the synthesis, changes the classical representation as we used to see it on a map. However, we continue to see the geographical areas concerned.
Lemniscata: is a symbol that is born in a mathematical equation, represented in a coordinate frame.
This symbol, carried beyond mathematics, has a polysemic load.
Used as a symbol of infinity, the explanation lies in that it is a symbol that represents the constant movement from one point to another.

Diagonals: respecting the image previously achieved for Sabertia, the diagonal part of the brand identity. These are located at an angle of 70 ° and respond to the angle of the letter "A" of the Helvetica font (typeface used in all communication).
.Brand Book.