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Impossible Coloring Book
Here is a new book project I am working on. The provisional title of the work is "Impossible Coloring Book" [You can get a version of my book from Amazon US or Amazon UK, Amazon France, and Amazon Spain]
This relaxing and creative coloring book is intended for all ages. Each of the individual stunning designs I created and collected are printed on a single page with the reverse left blank. Coloring is a great opportunity to exercise one’s own artistic eye, talent, and aesthetic. Coloring isn’t just for children, it is for anyone with a true love for art and color.
The book contains the following categories of in-line designs.
1. Impossible figures.
2. Arabesque, Paisley and Flower Patterns.
3. Circle, Mandala and Rosette Patterns.
4. Historical, Classic and Ethnic Patterns.
5. Kaleidoscope, Geometric and Fractal Patterns (fractals are magic patterns that contain miniature
copies of themselves).
6. Kinoptic® and Hypnoptic® Patterns (hypnotic and self-moving patterns).
In the introductory chapters, I make a brief presentation about color psychology and I reveal some fascinating tricks to create interesting and unusual color techniques and effects that will surprise the most expert eye.
This coloring book comes with a printable PDF version of the patterns, so that the reader can print out another pattern to try and color again!
About color and coloring
Drawing or coloring is certainly a mental act, but it also requires physical action. Coloring was an activity enjoyed by both women and men since prehistoric times. Ones of the first evidences of coloring are probably the famous ‘hand stencils’ found in prehistoric caves. Hand stencils - made by blowing pigment over a hand held against a wall - are found from over 35,000 years ago in Asia and Europe. According to the outline of the hands, the early authors of the stencils were clearly identifiable as male or female.
Nowadays, coloring is also an important professional skill in the world of fashion or comics. ‘Colorists’ are responsible for adding color to black-and-white line art. In the science of cartography coloring is of the most importance: color is actually a very useful attribute to depict different features on a map! Map coloring evolved in a mathematical application called the “four color theorem”, which states that any map can be colored with at most four colors.
Anti-stress Therapy
Since more than a half century, coloring is known for being a fun creative activity and an effective anti-stress therapy. It improves concentration and enhances precision and coordination (fine motor skills). In fact, the reader will discover and experience that the coloring activity leaves him or her more centered, calm, and represents an enjoyable and constructive way to pass the time.
I have to add that in my work you will find a collection of ‘hypnoptical’ patterns to color that will induce in the viewer a meditative state of mind. Some of these patterns are really used in medical and psychological applications and research.
Coloring activity is generally encouraged in many medical therapies, such as:
- Aging prevention.
- Mental health: the coloring activity can significantly reduce stress and depression.
- Rehabilitation support: the act of coloring can improve psychomotor skills.
- Alzheimer’s disease prevention: coloring stimulates the brain and may reduce short term memory loss.
- In psychotherapy, the coloring activity can be used to modify the way patients ‘visualize’ problems and can indeed change their perception of reality and subsequently reality itself.
Above are two examples of how the in-line drawings could be colored. Below you will find some examples of in-line illustrations featured in the book.
If you are interested in publishing, promoting or distributing this book, please contact me through my website. Thank you!
Impossible Coloring Book

Impossible Coloring Book

Coloring is a great opportunity to exercise one’s own artistic eye, talent, and aesthetic.