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    Small game I did the art for in a Gamejam which lasted 48 hours. The theme was space&cofee.
Night Expresso Deliveries (NED) was created in Miniclip Gamejam this May. The topic was Space and Cofee. We were 3 elements in the team. A game designer (who ended up doing a little bit of everything), a programmer (who is actually not a learned programmer), and me as artist. We had 48h to create a game of our choice as long as it would be in the topic given. We decided to create a Sidescrolling game about a spacetruck delivery driver who had to do a night shift (again) and therefore has to drink cofee to keep himself awake and not crash into any of the asteroids. So the player had to pick up cofeebeans to keep the driver awake and try to avoid asteroids and other obstacles in the way. If he wouldn´t pick up cofeebeans the control over the truck would get harder, but everytime he picks up a cofeebean he has to deal with a side effect of coffe such as halucinations or aggressions. Every side effect would have a new twist to the game for example if he got in a confused state the keys would switch. If the player would press the up key now the truck would go down. So the secret to get to the end of the shift is to balance the cofeeconsume. Enough said. Have a look at the art I did.
So first I did the background from scratch to create the nice spacy atmosphere where the truck driver (who is coincidentally called Ned ;) ) is going to perform his night shift.
Then I did some asteroids to create some obstacles Ned has to avoid.
I probably had my hardest time with this little fellow. The cofee bean. It was really hard for me to create something so small that would look like a cofee bean when in-game. (I know it sounds crazy but all other versions ended up looking as ... well something different.)
I had a blast drawing Ned´s truck, and also what the player would control in the end. Probably I did spent too much time on it regarding that the time was short. But I couldn´t help but having fun on this one as long as I needed to.
And the user Interface. You have 3 lives to finish the game. And everytime you would pick up a cofee bean it would be shown to help the player to balance the consume.
Here we go. Ned in his normal state.
And when he had a cofee.
Or two...
...or three.
Poor Ned already getting confused by cofee nr.4.
Then he would get unoriented.
Then really nervous.
Untill cofee wouldn´t have any effect anymore.
And he would get reaaalyyy sleepy....
...untill finally falling asleep. (This would mean game over).
And here is what it looked like in the end. :) I really had an amazing time at this gamejam working in a team with people I just met building new contacts and friendships. We ended up being second place for the best game within the topic.