Graphic Design Styles Throughout History
Create a journal highlighting the epochs of design history. Each design style should have its own page and include the following: (1) Name of style; (2) Style characteristics; (3) Three key artists; and (4) At least 3-4 different images from that style. The journal should use consistent style, layout and typography for a cohesive final look. My role: Concept to finished artwork. Style names, style order and style characteristics provided.

Lively, entertaining, informative, refreshing. With so many elements on each page, the design must be held together through consistent typography, layout and color.

Each style covered has a significantly different aesthetic than the next, so there will be wildly different imagery used depending on the style. The key (and challenge) will be to try to tie the styles together to create a cohesive overall look.

Clean, legible, straightforward. The typography won't need much personality since color and imagery will provide plenty. 

Color Scheme
Varied but consistent. Each style will have an assigned color, and that color will be used consistently to represent the specific style throughout the journal (i.e., on the cover and bibliography).

Developing Page Style
Once I gathered some images for the first two styles, I laid them in the spread and sampled colors to use as the official style colors. I created large blocks of color under the style names. This worked well! However, my initial spread was jumbled and disconnected with too many boxes and lines separating the content. My next try was better. I removed all the colored boxes and arrows, moving the artist names directly under the images. I refined and finessed (more color saturation here, a little drop shadow there, some image swapping, etc.) until I was happy with the format and confident it would gracefully translate to the remaining styles and spreads.
Creating Design Elements for Each Style
Color, icon, background, layout
Final Journal
To flip through the journal, click on the cover below!
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Graphic Design Styles Throughout History

Graphic Design Styles Throughout History

A journal highlighting the epochs of design history. Each design style has its own page and includes the following: (1) Name of style; (2) Style Read more


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