Fujiyama Steakhouse Renovation

Spring 2012
Indianapolis, IN

In collaboration with:  Lauren Smolen, Heather Laiter

Fujiyama Steakhouse is a traditional Japanese hibachi style restaurant.  The owners approached our team looking for inspiration for the renovation to modernize the restaraunt and add a sushi bar to appeal to the young Indianapolis crowd.  
Traditional Japanese elements of nature and rectilinear forms inspired the concept design for the facility.   Linear forms, seen in the floor tile, entry partition, and beverage bar ceiling, highlights all parts of the restaurant design, without losing what the space is truly about—entertainment and energy.  Rich purple and crimson hues will pop against a warm neutral color pallet in the restaurant re-design.  Diffused light will create an intimate and entertaining atmosphere for families and couples to enjoy.  
Entry Perspective
The entrance provides a waiting area for the customers with easy access to the adjacent bar, without intruding in the dining space, and a water feature for children and families to enjoy.
Sushi Bar Elevation
A simple and clean artwork design was created behind the bar with colored resin panels.  Accent light will highlight each panel.  
Beverage Bar Perspective

The space is defined by a layered wood ceiling system with illuminated light between each layer for visual effect.
Hibachi Perspective

The hibachi dining area ties into the traditional Japanese style with a simplistic design so it will not distract from the entertainment provided by the chefs.  A ceiling feature was created to disguise the vents above the grills and make a more intimate, yet family friendly environment.
Hibachi Dining Elevation
Stone will be applied to the wall with dramatic downlight to set the mood in the space.  The simple design is interesting and will enhance, rather than distract, from the hibachi chefs' cooking entertainment. 
Presentation Board 1
Presentation Board 2
Presentation Board 3