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    The main objective of this work was to design a typographic poster that illustrates the Leixões Port, in Portugal.
Porto de Leixões
Typographic Poster
The Port of is the largest artificial harbor in Portugal, built in the late nineteenth century and gradually enlarged and improved until today. It is located 2.5 miles north of the mouth of the Douro River, in the municipality of Matosinhos, near Oporto.

The Port of is the largest port infrastructure in the North of Portugal and one of the most important in the country with 5 kilometers of quay, 55 acres of flat land and 120 acres of wet. Leixões has good accessibility sea, road and railway, as well as modern equipment and advanced management information systems of ships.

Representing 25% of the Portuguese international trade and moving about 14 million tons of goods per year, Leixões is one of the most competitive and multipurpose ports of the country, since Leixões go through about three thousand ships a year and all kinds of loads, which are: textiles, granite, wine, wood, automobiles, grain, container, scrap iron and steel, alcohol, brandy, sugar, oil, molasses, petroleum products and even passengers of cruise ships.

Enjoying a strategic location, a hinterland rich in industry and commerce, the Port of has a privileged position in the context of the European port system. Operates 365 days a year with high levels of productivity and reduced residence time of ships at the pier, enjoying a bar permanently opened to traffic port without access restrictions by effect of the tides.

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