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    Bronze sculpture based on the medieval Irish text Buile Suibhne.
Suibhne Sculpture Cycle

Bronze sculptures in response to Buile Suibhne
These sculptures are inspired by the adventures of Sweeney, cursed to haunt the world as a mad, yet poetic bird

The work is based on the 12th century Buile Suibhne or the Frenzy of Sweeney. It describes the adventures of Sweeney after being cursed by Ronan after the Battle of Moira (9th century) to haunt the world as a mad, yet poetic bird. The original Irish text, reconstructed by O'Keeffe, together with Seamus Heaney recent translation Sweeney Astray were used in the research for this work. The larger sculptures were commissioned by Craigavon Borough Council and is now sited at Oxford Island National Nature Reserve (4ft high, bronze, 2008).