B ALBUM - 3rd Quarter
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B ALBUM - 3rd Quarter
B [be:]

What is B ALBUM? It's an imaginary journey through one year of life of emerging supermodel - Basia Szkaluba (IMG Models, New York). The B letter, [be:] is her name initial and a word used to describe different states of mind pictured in this album.

The project was developed in total secrecy. Only three people knew about it: Basia, her mom, Kasia and me, the photographer. Our aim was to create an album of simple, straightforward photography. Hence, you won't find here any designer rags, stylized hair or make-up.
Just pure, raw beauty of Basia.

Every month of the year, we were meeting with Basia at exactly same place - a lakeshore, not far away from the place where Basia lives. We wanted to create a sensation of passing time and changing of seasons. Everything was done in very rare moments of Basia's spare time - between her school studies and professional model work. So, the timing had to be perfect. Additionally, we did a number of side-sessions, when the mood was right and we felt the need to save the moment.

The year passed... Now, we can enjoy the contents of this album. A unique photographic tale, based on emotions and awareness of surrounding environment.

I would like to thank Basia for her efforts, patience and sacrificing moments of her private life. Many thanks to Basia's mom, Kasia, for her hospitality, understanding and courage to give me a go-ahead with this project. Let the pictures speak!

Tomek Jankowski

B ALBUM will be published in parts, on Behance. All you impatient can experience it as a whole, on issuu platform: