Alcoholic Beverages
First round concepts for a beer can for Carling Black Label, the UK's #1 lager. Starting top left back row with the existing can and moving through evolutionary designs toward revolutionary design proposals front right.
As we proceeded through subsequent rounds we moved away from a white base-coat can, exploring the use of a the metallic substrate and playing up the black for a more industrial, masculine look.
This was my final can design. The bar tap in the background was developed by my structural design colleagues.
Structural design ideation for bottles to replace the classic Michelob "tulip" bottle. These concepts break down into three groups. Modernist on the left, evolutions of the tulip in the center and then the three on the right where intended to reference traditional beer bottles from years gone by. The latter group was preferred as it fit with the strategy of positioning Michelob as a craft beer. The one on the right went forward into production, albeit somewhat diluted down.
Cerén Vodka is distilled from sugar cane for an exceptionally smooth product. The first vodka of its kind, the challenge was to create a bottle for a new brand entering a crowded market. Although we explored bottles that took cues from the sugar plant, the final design was inspired by the detailing of high-end sports cars and the architecture of New York.
Rich, award winning, golden hoppy ale from the heart of Dorset.
Naming and can design for Stowe & Bell. A contemporary, light American lager.
Round one concept for Malibu re-design. This slide and the other two show concept work that was created as part of an exploration for re-designing the Malibu brand.
Michelob "His & Hers" beer gift set. Final bottle and label design for a specialty Michelob product that could be given as a gift to your host and hostess at a dinner party.
Label concepts exploring how we might put a new spin on tequilas, retaining a Mexican flavor but in a new way. These were inspired by a bordello, the painted walls of Mexico and the rustic art of the Southwest. I liked the idea of a Gecko playing a role somewhere along the way.
Design concepts for a contemporary tequila brand, eschewing all traditional design cues for the category in favor of a unique look.
Design concepts for a caffeinated vodka brand. The bottle structure would have incorporated an electroluminescent strip in the neck that would light up when the bottle was picked up.
Structural design concepts for an eco-friendly vodka bottle with the intention of having further use after enjoying the contents.
Structural and graphic design ideas for a new spirit concept.
Structural and label design concepts for a new product for sale at Halloween that was possibly going to be two components that needed to be mixed when pouring. This exploration of bottle structure ideas looked both at a dual component product and also just a single flavored liquor. Looking to Victorian perfume, lab equipment and medicine bottles for inspiration, I came up with these ideas. The second design from the right went into production, albeit in a very different end solution.
Structural design ideas for a new premium spirit concept that would be reused as a decanter upon finishing the original contents.