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    Movie poster and other promotional material for the short film Excision.
In early 2008 I was commissionedto create the movie poster for the short film Excision. I went on to createmore promotional material for the film in the form of postcards, flyers and ateaser trailer based off of my design.

Excisionis a short film that has won over 20 awards and been selected to be shown inover 40 film festivals across the world. It is about a neglected teen who takesrefuge in the dreams that used to haunt her and orchestrates a shocking plan toprove her worth to her disapproving parents.  More information can befound at www.excisionfilm.com

27" by 40" Movie Poster
The poster was used in the 2012 feature film's DVD packaging as well.
5" by 7" Postcard
11" by 17" Movie Poster