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When it came to exploring the possibilities for the new Barcode identity, the sky was the limit. The goal of the Norwegian Agency ANTI was to create an identity system for the new waterfront real-estate development.
The Barcode skyline consists of multipurpose high-rise buildings where the architecture is based on protected lines of sight between the new structures and the majestic backdrop of Oslo's fjord. The aim was to be able to see the city from the fjord - and the fjord from the city. The identity is based on the principles of the architecture created by world famous architect, Winy Maas in collaboration with A-Lab and Dark architecture.
Concept model by Winy Maas MVRDV
Our task was to create an identity that would inspire and create focus both on the breathtaking skyline, and on the life that happens between the structures. We wanted to fill the spaces with experiences, people, love and cultural activities. The result is not just a logo, it's a system. A system that creates space and possibilities for the experiences between the Barcode buildings. We wanted it to be flexible enough to reflect Barcode’s personality, and strong enough to be used across all communication channels to help attract more visitors to the area. The logo’s task is a pure and simple refinement of the communication brief - shaped into a signature that could only belong to Barcode.
Use of typography
Use of campaign
Use of installation
Opening up for more communication like headings on posters or covers.

Use of the Barcode icon

Signage and installation at city floor
Promoting content and season related products
Barcode double spread ad
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