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    Series of three posters, aimed for three consecutive months at the Ministry of Sound club in London.
Ministry of Sound //2012
[University of Greenwich - D&AD Competition Brief; Ministry of Sound typography posters]
Produce a set of three typographically-focused A2 outdoor posters (landscape or portrait) that act as a three month advertising campaign for Ministry of Sound’s iconic London event ‘Saturday Sessions’. The posters should communicate a clear conceptual theme or idea based around the club or the music, however, this can be as literal or as abstract as you like.

My concept for the series of posters came the idea from the notion of Ministry of Sound being such a renowned institution, yet the music is still fresh in addition to the setting and vibe of the club. Taking this idea of 'freshness' and preservation of the essence of the club, I wanted to incorporate the typography within something which resembles this. Ice seemed the logical way to go, so I followed my instincts and started with the imagery. Although this was a typographical brief, I was keen to incorporate the typography for the month within the image and then use quirky set type which illustrates the dates and dj’s as well as additional information.

The images below follow my development from imagery, poster development and then resulting in the final three posters.

>> The colours in the final three poster for Ministry of Sound may appear slightly altered due the the origianl files being created in CMYK. They had to be transfered to RGB for upload.